LEAPS working group 3 on Information Technology

WG3 gathers LEAPS experts on topics around FAIR data management and open science. The aim of the WG is to share best practices and recent developments at the different partner facilities to keep a community approach on the road to FAIRer science we all need to take.

The WG is currently chaired by Paul Millar (DESY) and Majid Ounsy (SOLEIL).


Who are the people behind LEAPS WG3?


The PaN toolbox for open science we keep developing and further adopting.

Current work

The current focus of the working group, in particular the special interest groups and projects.

Open data

Catalogue of public and curated data repositories in the PaN community.


Funding opportunities for the PaN community at the moment or in a foreseeable future.


A link to the Indico page containing minutes from previous meetings and next dates.

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